Etchasoft Office Building

About Etchasoft Incorporated

Founded in 1999, Etchasoft is a software development firm that has delivered a full range of custom interactive web sites, database applications and enterprise programming. Etchasoft wants to change the way people utilize information technology by delivering applications and solutions that improve organizational efficiency, communications and competitiveness. Our value proposition is driven by years practical experience working with corporate, government and nonprofit clients.

Etchasoft Ownership Team

Ben Balke

Ben is the President of Etchasoft. He just does not act like any other company President you have met. On any given day he will be brainstorming with clients, developing code and working on a new benefits package for employees. He is a high-energy person who likes to be involved in all aspects of a project to ensure that client expectations are met – and exceeded.

A graduate of the University of Illinois with degrees in Math and Computer Science, Ben is one of those people who was “into tech” before it was cool. As an undergraduate he understood the power that software has to automate and transform businesses and has been working in the industry for more than 25 years to help organization succeed and thrive.

Steve Balke

Steve is a Vice President at Etchasoft. As one of the firm founders, Steve has been a constant force in helping to define the Etchasoft approach: embracing new technology and applying it only where it delivers maximum client benefit. Steve not only works on a daily basis with clients, he also works behind the scenes to meet the needs of the most demanding clients in the world – his Etchasoft colleagues.

Steve attended Southern Illinois University where he studied Computer Science and “caught the code bug.” For almost 20 years Steve has been that unflappable guy you can call with an emergency or urgent need who will listen carefully and act quickly. Steve’s calm nature and thoughtful approach to his work have made him a trusted and invaluable resource to clients and colleagues alike.

Dan Nolan

Dan is a Vice President at Etchasoft which he thinks means his job is to get involved in everything that interests him. Dan’s primary role is business development but that does not stop him helping to develop client strategies, push for innovations and even get involved in interface design. The ultimate people person, Dan is happiest when he is interacting with clients and the team to make sure we are doing things the smartest, fastest and best way possible.

A graduate of Bradley University with a degree in Political Science and Northern Illinois University with an MBA, Dan figured out early on that the technology could not be utilized to its fullest capacity without a “translator.” For more than 20 years Dan has been the “missing link” between the development staff and the client to ensure that client needs are translated into high-quality and sustainable technology solutions.