DNN Software Development

DotNetNuke (DNN) is a web content management system based on Microsoft. NET. Since 2003, DNN has provided the world’s largest .NET CMS ecosystem, with over 1 million community members.

The DNN Platform is open source software that is intended to enable simple management of websites. It’s extensible through a substantial number of third-party apps to present functionality not contained in the DNN core modules. With DNN, your IT Team can assign permissions at the level of a specific module on a specific page, while business users can own and manage their particular sections of the site. And you never have to worry about security issues either. The DNN CMS software has passed stringent vulnerability tests from government agencies and financial institutions.

DNN Software Development Experience

  • Website Development Etchasoft has developed over 150 websites in the DNN environment. Our work experience spans over a decade with clients in business, non-profit and government. We have developed sites for marketing, communications, intranet, extranet, e-commerce, online learning, certification tracking, inventory management, project management, event registration, customer relationship management and many other solutions.
  • Custom Module Development Etchasoft has created countless custom modules to meet the specific needs of our customer base. We have written or created custom modules for non-profit member management, countless dues processes, store locators, customer relationship management, online learning, inventory management, team collaboration areas, chapter management systems, event registration and many other modules for specific purposes.
  • System Integration Etchasoft has completed single sign-on programming with many external data sources. Most clients have data in more than a single system but, unless a single data view is created, data in multiple source locations gives your organization multiple opportunities to fail a client.
  • Data Migration Moving data into your DNN platform requires special knowledge. Etchasoft has migrated millions of pieces of data into DNN for clients. In fact, we consider ourselves the leading DNN firm that deals specifically with data issues.
  • Community, Evoq Content, Evoq Engage You can rest assured that we have worked in every major version of DNN. Our work in the platform goes all the way back to version 3 and we have programmed, sold and serviced in every version of the platform.

Solutions Specific to Etchasoft You will not find our modules in the DNN store. The reason is that our modules and solutions always entail a more enterprise view. However, we do have the code base for many solutions and these can be quickly customized and implemented for our customers. If you are looking to extend DNN with a customer relationship management system (CRM), online learning, association management system, membership software, organizational intranet / extranet, safety training registration and tracking, please call on us to talk about our experience and unique module set. If you want an experienced partner with deep DNN experience, look no further than Etchasoft. Contact us for more information about how we can customize DNN modules to meet your specific business needs.



  • The missing DNN module you always needed
  • Built upon core DNN profile fields
  • Manage individual or company records (or both)
  • Add notes, documents & tags
  • Track all system interaction & activities
  • Build lists and charts from roles, fields or activities
  • So much more…
Learning Management System

Learning Management System

  • Deliver any educational content including group discussions
  • Provide classes for fee or free
  • Require prerequisites & control learning paths
  • Testing with auto scoring & certificate delivery
  • Track certification, add roles and history
Store or Member Locator

Store or Member Locator

  • Built upon core DNN profile fields
  • Promote store or members by location or services
  • Track & report impressions, referrals and contacts
  • Location or member detail page boosts reputation, services and SEO
Certification Tracking

Certification Tracking

  • Manage individual or organization metrics
  • Auto track current status or scoring
  • Set any renewal period
  • Workflow for submission review & approval
  • Trigger roles with expiration dates & auto reminders
System Integration

System Integration

  • MemberSuite SSO API
  • MemberSuite event list for DNN
  • Constant Contact API
  • Higher Logic SSO API
  • Many other AMS & e-commerce connections
Mentor or Special Interest Matching

Member Connect

  • Opt-in/out for interested users
  • Match based on location, interests or any combination of factors
  • Secure, private communication within DNN
  • Users decide when to share private contact data
  • Organization determines business rules for users
  • Workflow and user management panel