Software puts consumers in charge of their personal finances

Etchasoft, Inc., announced today that its revolutionary ATM software, ATMosphere, has exceeded $1 million dollars in cashed checks during the pilot program launched last October. According to an October, 2018 report by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, FDIC, 14.1 million adults remain unbanked with an additional 48.9 million adults are underbanked. These consumers have no or limited access to financial services, and face high costs and inconvenience when simply cashing a check. Etchasoft ATMosphere software puts consumers in charge of their personal finances by enabling ATMs to cash checks.

“ATMosphere offers ATM owners the ability to expand beyond basic cash transactions into real-time check cashing, virtual currency purchases, pre-paid phone reloads and a growing list of other kiosk-based financial activities. This opens the door to new customers in need of fast, affordable and convenient financial services. This is the future of consumer-driven convenience banking” said Ben Balke, President of Etchasoft. ATMosphere powered ATM’s provide consumers 24/7 access to cash payroll, government, tax refund, insurance and money orders. This helps ATM owners and operators to provide services to recipients of the more than 17 billion checks written in the US each year.

Joining in this milestone event is Anytime Cash. Anytime Cash is the first fully self-serve alternative financial service kiosk on the market. “We have been providing access to the unbanked for over 40 years, and jumped at the opportunity to work with Etchasoft to offer kiosk-based check cashing. We see ATMosphere as a way to remove barriers to financial services and really meet the needs of our customers” said Peter Del Borrello III, Chief Executive Officer, Anytime Cash.

With consumers demanding greater freedom, flexibility and convenience in their financial services, demand for ATMosphere powered ATM’s will expand nationwide over the next 12 months. Etchasoft is continuing to partner with ATM operators, check-cashing retail outlets and other financial service providers to expand access to new customers, markets and revenue models.

About Etchasoft Inc.

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